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“Where Men take charge of their own lives, through the Role Models & Support of other great Men”

What is the site about, and why did I create it, and have spent over 10,000+ hours developing it. What does the title mean?

Cecil’s Men’s Hub ~ The Virtual Men’s Gathering the Meaning

Cecil’s is an acronym (Committed to Empower the Community to Improve Lives) the site has been developed through my wish to give back to Men’s Work. To provide all Men, throughout Australia and the World the potential to connect with other Men, either through a Men’s Work Event, Men’s Health Event, Men’s Gathering or Men’s Group locally to them.

Cecil’s Men’s Hub ~ Worldwide Men’s Coach Directory is Live

Worldwide Men's Coach Directory
Worldwide Men’s Coach Directory

What is the purpose of this Worldwide Men’s Coach Directory?

This directory aims to help men Worldwide find and connect with a Coach to help them move from where they are to where they want to be. To do this they need a Coach regardless of gender who has unique skills & wisdom in any one of over 100+ modalities of expertise. 

The Directory is OPEN to all Coaches regardless of gender. If the Coach has an affinity with helping Men and can help them grow, to become the best that they can be for themselves, their loved ones and their communities, then they are welcome.

This service will always be FREE for all men to search to find and connect with a Coach nearby.  

Each Coach that becomes a Gold Coach Founding Member of Cecil’s Hub – Worldwide Men’s Coach Directory can choose up to 5 different modalities of expertise to be listed under. 

For a Coach to be able to choose up to 10 different modalities of expertise, they would need to become a Platinum Coach Member.

Men’s Health Event FREE Awesome Comprehensive Men’s Work Monthly Newsletter

Crucial Newsletter – Update

I have been promoting the work of hundreds of our Community event facilitators for over
6 years all entirely FREE on my monthly event calendar and newsletter.

But, this cannot be maintained ongoing. As of next month’s newsletter, I have to add a small yearly charge for each event facilitator $30 regardless of the number of events they run.

This will enable me to continue this significant work of bringing to the attention of people throughout Australia looking to grow Emotionally and Spiritually through the incredible work of these awesome facilitators who share their wisdom and learnings.

If you are one of these facilitators, I will be contacting you very soon to give you the option of supporting my purpose through a once-per-year automatic subscription service.

My Event newsletter is now available as a download for FREE, it has had a major overhaul in style and presentation. It consists of 80+ full-colour pages of extensive information on Men’s Work events that promote Men’s growth and Health, where they can become the best version of themselves. It contains all of the following information:-

FREE Awesome Comprehensive Monthly Event Newsletter
FREE Awesome Comprehensive Monthly Event Newsletter
  • Special Annual Events
  • Regular Content
  • Month Specific Events
  • 63 Regular Physical Men’s Groups Physical events throughout Australia and the World.
  • 15 Regular Online Men’s Groups throughout Australia and the World.
  • All Yearly Men’s Gatherings by Month
  • Men’s Coaches/Mentor Articles
  • Guest Articles

Each FREE Awesome Comprehensive Monthly Men’s Event Newsletter contains events that support Men’s growth and Men’s Health. The events are checked to ensure that they are suitable to be promoted and included in the comprehensive monthly newsletter.

FREE Dowmload
FREE Download

Cecil’s Men’s Hub ~ The Virtual Men’s Gathering, helping to pay it forward

A monetary amount of 10% of all monthly advertising will be donated to an Organisation on the list below, that supports the growth and development of Men’s Health. This will change every month.

Every Man that downloads and supports my purpose will be supporting Men’s Health.

Beyond Blue
Men’s Wellbeing Inc.
E.J. Whitten Foundation
AMHF (Australian Men’s Health Forum)
Victorian Brotherhood
Saving Brothers

Marcus Mission
Black Dog Institute
Mentoring Men
Blokes United

The Cecil’s Men’s Hub ~ The Virtual Men’s Gathering FREE Awesome Comprehensive Monthly Men’s Work Event Newsletter promotes events in the following 20+ Categories.

  • BBQs – A Men’s Group based around a BBQ
  • Celebrating Men  – An Event that Promotes the Male Gender
  • Ceremony – An event that has a Ritual or Connection
  • Chanting – An Event that has Vocal Repetition
  • Community Event – An Event that Brings Together People Living Within the Same Locality
  • Concert – An Event that Contains a Collection of Songs and Music with a Collection of People
  • Meditation Workshop – An Event that Guides Through the Techniques of Meditation
  • Men’s Gathering – An Event that Connects Men on a Deep Level over a Few Days
  • Men’s Group – An Event where Men Connect on a Deep Level over a Few Hours
  • Men’s Group – Online – An Event where Men Connect Virtually on a Deep Level over a Few Hours
  • Men’s Health Event – An Event where Men Connect to Learn and Promote Men’s Health
  • Men’s Retreat – An Event Where Men Connect on a Deep Level, under Strict Rules and Guidelines
  • Men’s Workshop – An Event where Men Connect with Other Men to Learn a Particular Skill
  • Men’s Workshop – Online – A Virtual version of the above
  • Mentoring – An Event where Men are Guided Through the Life Experiences and Wisdom of Other Men
  • Online/Virtual – A Non-Specific Event that is Online or Virtual
  • Online Conference – A Non-Specific Event that is Online or Virtual
  • Open Retreat – An Event Where Men/Women connect on a Deep Level, under Strict Rules and Guidelines
  • Open Workshop – An Event where Men/Women Connect to Learn a Particular Skill
  • Open Workshop Online – An Online Event where Men/Women Connect to Learn a Particular Skill
  • Women’s Gathering – An Event that Connects Women on a Deep Level over a Few Days
  • Sweat Lodge – A Heated Enclosed Event where Purification Takes Place and Promotes Healthy Living
  • Rites of Passage – A rite of passage is a ceremony or ritual of the passage that occurs when an individual leaves one group to enter another. It involves a significant change of status in society

I normally add most of the events, however, end-users can now add their events via the ‘Event Submission’ form. It’s an easy and intuitive form to fill out and submit. Once I receive the event form, I will review it and ensure it’s correct before I publish it on my calendar.

Cecil’s Men’s Hub ~ Worldwide Men’s Groups Directory
Cecil's Men's Hub ~ Worldwide Men's Groups Directory
Find a Men’s Group near your location

Did you know that my Cecil’s Men’s Hub ~ Worldwide Men’s Groups Directory is ready and available, please visit to see how this platform can help change Men’s lives and connect them to Men’s Groups regularly.

The Directory (over 450 Men’s Groups already) will initially cover Australia with Groups from London, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, Austria, and North America.

* Some of the Groups are under a ‘Claims Listing‘, this will enable existing Men’s Groups that find their Group to ‘Claim‘ it as their own as a ‘FREE ‘ Basic Group or upgrade to a ‘Paid‘ Plan & gain extra benefits/features.

What’s Available?

The Directory will allow Men to search for their nearest Men’s Group to their location FREE of charge!

It will enable any existing Men’s Groups Worldwide to register a FREE to join and get a ‘Basic’ listing, they get listed in seconds, which will give them a low priority ‘GoogleMaps ® Pin‘ search result, and this will be under 1 particular Association.

The full plans start at $99 Per Year per Group or $10 monthly, this will enable you to add many types of content to reach more Men.

Some Men when searching for a Men’s Group, have heard of a particular Men’s Group type or Association. It’s for this reason that I have created Categories for each of the common associations to be used in the Search Bar, this will ‘Auto-Fill’ as the user types.

Currently, there are 14 Associations that each Men’s Group can be listed under, depending on the style of facilitation/origin that they follow.

These include:-

  • Australian Men’s Shed Association
  • Complete Men
  • Canadian Men’s Shed Association
  • Individual Group
  • Mankind Project (MKP)  – Australia/UK/Canada
  • Men’s Wellbeing ~ Common Ground Trained
  • Melbourne Men’s Groups
  • MensSpeak Men’s Groups (UK)
  • Men’s Team
  • MensWork Project (Inc)
  • OM:NI (Older Men: New Ideas)
  • The Male Journey Ltd
  • UK/Ireland Men’s Shed Association

Please read the full version of the launch document here.

The Directory uses Custom Search Modules. These have various built-in methods that can be customized to allow website visitors to quickly search for Men’s Groups locally too. They can search by content, keyword, association, location, and more.

For the Men’s Group facilitators, provide Search Results that use Powerful SEO to attract Organic Traffic from Search Engines based on Categories chosen during the sign-up process.

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Cecil’s Men’s Hub ~ The Virtual Men’s Gathering, helping you to connect with a Men’s Gathering and Men’s Work
Men's Gatherings and Men's Work connections

A Men’s Gathering, there are currently 17 per year in Australia, is where most of all you can connect with other men, from all backgrounds, religions, and political and sexual persuasions. These gatherings offer a safe, non-judgmental, supportive space where men can explore the connections, modalities, challenges and exercises that facilitate real and lasting change. They all offer high-quality workshops, you are free to take part in as many or as few as you wish.

This is your time, to use as you wish but hey, why not take advantage of them?

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Connect with a Worldwide Men’s Group near you

Men's Gathering Workshop

A Men’s Group is where you can connect with other Men who are based locally, on a more regular basis rather than waiting for the next Men’s Gathering to continue your journey. As a result, your journey will be quicker. These are all facilitated by experienced Men who are trained in facilitating a group of Men. Training enables them to have a conversation with other Men without judgment. To sit in a group with other Men, and speak your truth. You may not come away with any answers but most issues always seem more manageable after ‘sharing’.

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