About Cecil’s Men’s Hub

About Cecil’s Men’s Hub

FirstAbout Cecil's Men's Hub of all, a small introduction to me, my name is Paul (Cecil), I’m a ‘Pom’ with a calm and gentle nature, with incredible strength of mind and determination.

I grew up in the UK and was involved in a near-fatal Road Traffic Accident in 2003,  18 years of many challenges, Physical, Mental and Health.

Why I’m involved in Men’s Work

A video chat with Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz talking about my passion & reasons for creating Cecil’s Hub ~ Worldwide Men’s Group Directory and Cecil’s Hub ~ The Virtual Men’s Gathering.


A wonderful video chat with Alan Stevens from The Camp Fire Project at talking about my Passion in creating my Cecil’s Hub ~ The Virtual Men’s Gathering and Cecil’s Hub ~ Worldwide Men’s Group Directory.

It was an immense pleasure talking to Alan, people need to check out the page.

Men’s Work

Men’s Work (where ‘Where Men take charge of their own lives, through the Role Models & Support of other great Men’) has become a massive part of my life since I was introduced in 2012. Men, once introduced to it, will radically change that your life, and will change the way you relate and interact with partners, others and particularly other Men.

Unfortunately, there’s more to talking to other Men, than saying the obligatory
G’day mate, how are you going?’ Most men feel that they can’t talk about anything (apart from Sport), let alone their feelings, to share their journeys with other Men without the fear of judgement or ridicule, most Men stop and go back within themselves for safety on hearing this.

This is a movement that is helping so many Men to be seen and heard, by connecting them with other Men and their own emotions.  To actually hear, and know direct from another Man’s mouths!

This is an area that’s blossoming in Australia, and hopefully, through our work and personal examples throughout the World. Hopefully, this will provide all Men throughout Australia with the potential to create a new ‘Blueprint’ for who ‘Men’ are.

What do Men Gain from Men’s Work?

It will enable Men to break away from the generally accepted idea and stereotypical view that Men do not talk about their feelings and emotions to others.

Men learn to:

  • Drop their ‘mask’ and start to become truly accepting of themselves.
  • Become more authentic.
  • Become more able to connect with their families, and with their Communities.
  • Show their courage.
  • Accepting change.
  • Ability to open up.
  • Show emotion.
  • Show humility.
  • Enables them to Feel safe.
  • Integrity.
  • Trust (in oneself and others).
  • Confidence.
  • Increased love (for oneself and others).
Cecil’s Hub Background

Where did the term Cecil’s Hub come from, and who is ‘Cecil’?

A friend said that why not name it ‘Cecil’ after the Worm from my Men’s Gatherings cabaret performances. I thought ‘Who will know Cecil, and what does it mean?’. The acronym ‘Cecil’ (Committed to Educate the Community to Improve Lives), was created to fulfil my aim, to give back to Men’s Work and the wider communities.

What are the roots of ‘Cecil’

Mick, my Brother-in-law, told me a joke, about a ‘Worm’ called ‘Cecil’ about 35+ years ago. Unfortunately, Mick died in 2014. Over the past Men’s Gatherings, I have performed a ‘stand-up’ routine and told this joke about Cecil the Worm’!

In this, my way, my memory of Mick is kept alive and he has become part of the Menergy Gatherings.