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Menergy Testimonials

Menergy Men’s Gathering, from my first event in 2012 Menergy and Men’s Work has changed my life. I have now been to all 8, I have been on the Organising Committee 3 times. It has had such a profound impact on my life that I have created two websites to ‘Make a Difference’ in Men’s lives.

One, ’Cecil’s Men’s Hub ~ The Virtual Men’s Gathering’ to show Men all they need to know about a Men’s Gathering and what they will gain from attending.

Two, Cecil’s Men’s Hub Monthly Event Calendar that lists Men’s Work events that promote Men’s Health and growth in 1 of 20+ Categories.

Three, Cecil’s Men’s Hub ~ Worldwide Men’s Group Directory, once Men have experienced the many benefits of a Tribal Group they will need to find their nearest Men’s Group to them to continue their journey.

An event that has given me the permission to go deep into my heart, look at feelings that I didn’t realise were there, and teach me that no Man is broken and needs fixing. For me to become conscious, real, authentic and more in touch with my emotions as a Man, to be witnessed and seen by other Men.

To any man that has ever considered the option to attend, it’s a real life-changing event, so overcome the barriers to getting there and you will not regret it. Once you get there, you will have lifelong friends, returning to each year’s Menergy is like coming home to reconnect with the many Brothers that you will meet.

The only thing that will stop me from attending future years is ‘Death’ 🙂”

~ Paul Kefford ~ October 2019

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Menergy is an incredible atmosphere that provides a chance for men to be themselves, to celebrate, to be real and to support each other in supporting the changing world.

I really firmly believe in the significance of this gathering and what it offers to society. By enabling men to have access to their emotions, to their joy and to their responsibility, great momentum is seeded in the growing change that is happening in our world.

~ Asher Glass ~ September 2019


My heart has been cracked so far open I can simply not contain it.

And I’m okay with that.

For possibly the first time in my entire life, I TRULY felt what it’s like to be fully in my heart – and out of my head.

These past 4 days have been 4 of the BEST days of my 31 years on this planet. No BS!

I am actually struggling to articulate how incredibly profound my experience at Menergy was.

It was everything I expected… and a WHOLE lot more.

Moments worth mentioning:

Arion Light helped me release sorrow I wasn’t even aware I had, courtesy of his Dragon Breath Workshop.🔥
Mikey Lee helped me to feel the most liberated and SEXY I have ever felt, courtesy of his Drag Workshop.💄
Jamil Jay helped me to recognise limiting patterns of how I obtain my sense of self-worth, courtesy of his innate wisdom.🙏🏽


Not only did I have the privilege of running my own Business, Career & Relationships ThinkTank


I also had the honour of being a Tribal Group Facilitator for these beautiful men.
I feel so much gratitude to have been part of their journey AND to have had them be part of mine (love you guys).

Heart connection was through the freaking roof!. ~ Haydn Dinsdale  – October 2018

Wow, Menergy 2018.

I’m still reverberating with the goodness, deep acceptance, and love that Menergy invoked and provided to me and all the men attending.

At the end of the second day it really became apparent to me that healthy men celebrate diversity; are passionate about ending violence against women; advocate for queer rights; are deeply connected to the land and hold a deep respect for the aboriginal people of this land, and are willing to lift other men up and celebrate everyone being their own authentic selves.
So much gratitude for all the men and people which made this year’s Menergy happen. ~ Trent Hawkins – October 2018

I had the honour of attending the 2018 Menergy gathering and wow what an experience. I was blown away by seeing the energy of the organising committee –the vibrancy and professionalism displayed.

There were close to 200 Men there and about half were young first-timers! I was fortunate to attend the very first Menergy about 7 years ago with about 35 Men so to get nearly 200 Men now shows how great this event is!

I came to be in service to the Men’s community and experience the energy and range of workshops BUT mainly to connect into this community of Men as this feeds my spirit.

To experience how deep Men can go for the first time in our tribal group meetings shows how powerful this work is.

Although I now live in Brisbane, I will be making Menergy an annual pilgrimage!! ~ Peter Mrzyglocki

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Fantastic gathering! Amazing man! I have attended twice and I’m from Brazil! ~ Fernando Henrique Aguiar – April 2018

Living in a house with 3 girls is great! But a man needs his SPACE!

Get off the grid, take some time out … eat the gorgeous food, learn to be a better man, soak up the heavenly environment or just go fishing and bushwalking.

Whatever!~Who Gives A Fuck………literally no fucks are given (literally, figuratively or philosophically and therein lies its charm). Looking forward to the next instalment! ~ Mark Ludbrook – August 2017

“It was an amazing experience and very well organised. I loved it!”  ~ Mark Nussy – October 2016

At our Women’s Circle this full moon weekend we honoured the men who were gathering at Menergy.

It felt profoundly powerful knowing that there was a group of conscious men showing up in their authenticity, rawness and vulnerability, coming together in full expression of manhood.

I feel so blessed to know many Brothers involved in this important work and I vow to continue to support you in whatever ways are required to ensure that more of the Divine Masculine energy is pulsing through our world.

Congratulations on a hugely successful event and deepest gratitude from our Circle of women for making a difference in this world in such a profound and meaningful way. ~ Christina Kylie Reeves – October 2016

It’s taken me over 24 hours to really register what I thought about Menergy.

What I came up with is something we discussed at the end that it really is impossible to explain why a lot of men should really make an effort to come to next year’s event. For me personally, though, I’ll say my highlights were:

  1. Opening the four days with a ritual to honour and respect the original owners of the land and to be given permission to be there and to then sing two classic Australian songs as a chorus of over 200 in honour of that land.
  2. The location and the sovereign freedom to spend the entire time just roaming around kicking footballs, doing archery, hanging out with awesome dudes with a coffee and biscuit on the deck watching people throw frisbees, attending workshops, or just sitting by the river in the sun doing nothing, nothing at all.
  3. That the most common thing 250 men get up to without women, television, the internet or alcohol is getting together in groups to discuss the big issues facing all humankind.
  4. Singing Pink Floyd with a chorus of hundreds right after another amazing dinner.
  5. Throwing and catching my first boomerang.
  6. Doing archery and having four other archer enthusiasts come up to talk shop with me and those archers becoming new friends 🙂
  7. So many new genuine male friendships, something everyone agreed we all seemed to lack
  8. The Dad and Son’s there, what an experience that would have been.
  9. The incredible council, support staff, cooks and venue staff and the obvious work and input they’d put in from feedback, it was clear this event was fine-tuned from years of experience to be really well put together from start to finish. If you took the men aspect out and looked at it as a retreat/festival point of view, it was well organised, everything thought of, well-timed and executed from start to finish. This was really impressive from an event management point of view. Well done to all involved.
  10. The music.

See you all next year for Menergy 2017 ~ Timothy William Stubbs – October 2016

“To be able to share, confide and be so open with men that I had only just met, says a great deal for Menergy and more importantly for your own individual characters.” Anon – 2014

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