Connect with a Yearly Men’s Gathering in Australia

What is Men’s Work?

Yearly Men’s Gatherings and Men’s Work (Where Men take charge of their own lives, through the Role Models & Support of other great Men’) can become a massive part of your life. It will radically change your life, and change the way you relate to and interact with partners, others and particularly other Men.

Unfortunately, there’s more to talking to other Men, rather than saying the obligatory G’day mate, how are you going?’

Most men feel that they can’t talk about anything (apart from Sport), let alone their feelings, to share their journeys with other Men without the fear of judgement or ridicule, most Men stop and go back within themselves for safety on hearing this.

Please have a look at the ‘About’‘ page to see more of the ways that Men’s Work will help you.

There are currently 15 Yearly Men’s Gatherings per year in Australia, some are part of Open Common Ground training, plus others that are not part of the Common Ground training. There is one in New Zealand.

A Men’s Gathering is where you can connect with other men, from all backgrounds, religions, political and sexual persuasions. These gatherings offer a safe, non-judgmental, supportive space where men can explore the connections, modalities, challenges and exercises that facilitate real and lasting change.

They all offer high-quality workshops from varied Modalities, that you are free to take part in as many or few as you wish. This is your time, to use as you wish but hey, why not take advantage of the experience?

Yearly Men's Gatherings

During these Gatherings there’s ample time to partake in as many workshops, chill with other Men having a Coffee, playing the occasional game of ‘footy’, or volleyball.

There is also a:-

  • ‘Heart Space’ or ‘Circle’, the heart of a Men’s Gathering journey. It is an invitation to stand in front of every man at the Gathering, drop your mask and speak your truth as it comes to you at the moment.
  • A Cabaret, where Men are encouraged to tell a joke, read some poetry, sing a song, these can be a solo, or with another new friend! It’s a way for each Man to give a little back to the Gathering.

All Men’s Gatherings run based on confidentiality. Confidentiality is what makes us feel safe to be radically honest in our sharing. When we hear another man’s story we’re privileged to have their trust. Other men’s stories are not ours to share. By all means share your own story, but not those of other men.

Yearly Men’s Gatherings in Australia in Monthly order

Men’s Gatherings in January

Sydney Men's Festival

 Sydney Men’s Festival

The Sydney Men’s Festival is a chance to talk, relax, participate in and run workshops with other men. The Festival is an annual event held at the end of January each year on the second last full week of the school holidays.

The Festival is open to all men regardless of colour, creed, religion, sexuality, profession or employment status.

Affinity Groups: At the previous festivals, we have formed small groups to provide support and companionship. These affinity groups have provided a focus for each of us to share our experiences throughout the Festival. The groups take turns in preparing meals, washing up and cleaning.

Workshops: Anyone at the Festival can present a workshop. In previous years, workshops have explored such issues as men’s health, love, fear, shame and guilt, spirituality, anger, wild man, meditation, community, initiation, parenting, touch, sexuality and sensuality, wrestling, singing, massage.

Food: The first meal of the festival will be served at dinnertime on Sunday. For cost and health, meals are mainly vegetarian, sometimes with meat options, and are organised by the affinity groups with the help of the food coordinator. You are welcome to make arrangements if you have a special diet.

Activities: The camp is in bushland overlooking the Georges River, so there is plenty of opportunity for swimming and bush-walks. A cabaret is normally held on Saturday night.

Accommodation: Only a limited number of bunks with a mattress are available in dormitories or cabins, so please bring your sheets and pillow. Also as a backup, please bring a tent, sleeping bag, pillow and mattress.

Child Care: The Sydney Men’s Festival welcomes children (boys of all ages and girls under 7). Fathers are responsible for the well-being and behaviour of their children. A father’s group is encouraged to meet once a day to discuss and coordinate children’s issues and activities.

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Men’s Gatherings in February
No Gatherings currently …

Men’s Gatherings in March

Island of Men

Island of Men

Four per year, March, July and November, December

The Island of Men #6 is here.

The Island of Men was founded in early 2018 by Mikey Ivany and a small team of men who had a simple mission – To help good Men connect with other good men, and themselves.

Island of Men – Love Courageously

Island of Men (IOM) is a 1-day event dedicated to helping men find a deeper connection with self, community and nature. We are excited to announce that this event will be unlike any island before. We have an incredible new location, new facilitators and a brand new program.

IOM is a unique experience that provides something different for each individual.

For some men, it is a welcome reprieve from the pressures of life, a lifting of the weight of expectation that has been placed on them by work, family and society.

For others, it is a place to realise and release limiting stories, unhealthy relationships & behaviours that no longer serve.

(From IOM



Tasmanian Men's Gathering 2021

Friday 5th – Monday 8th March

Connect to your heart in the company of non-judgemental, authentic men. We will be in a beautiful beachside facility called Spring Beach Youth Camp, south of Orford. That means less travel for our Interstate Men, with plenty of space, privacy and easy access to the beach. These are modern facilities with better showers, easier catering and bunk beds for 100 men. There will great food and you will meet great blokes. Covid safe procedures will be in place.

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If you have any questions email Barry Fleming, our 2021



Men’s Gatherings in April
Island of Men Sydney

Island of Men ~ Sydney

Two per year, April and December

Island of Men (IOM) is a 1-day event dedicated to helping men find a deeper connection with Self, Community and Nature.

We are excited to announce our upcoming event, ‘IOM – This is Me’ will be occurring on December the 7th at Cataract Scout Park.

IOM is a unique experience that provides something different for each individual.

For some men, it is a welcome reprieve from the pressures of life, a lifting of the weight of expectation that has been placed on them by work, family and society.

For others, it is a place to realise and release limiting stories, unhealthy relationships & behaviours that no longer serve.

And for the majority of the IOM attendees, it is just a place to feel at home with other blokes who want to learn, grow and be happy.

This is a day built on radical self-reliance, a commitment to owning our stuff and taking steps to create positive changes where necessary. It’s also a day of a complete community, knowing that life can be so much better when we are there for one another.

IOM will be host to an array of talented facilitators running workshops throughout the day, focus on mission, communication, movement, breathing, purpose, expression, appreciation, self-love, inner child work… and more.

The IOM experience can be somewhat difficult to describe, so rather than trying to hammer a point home, have a read of what past attendees have said about their Island experience.

“What a day! What a fantastic experience to be surrounded by so many amazing hu-men. The workshops were great, the love felt by all, the power of the Sacred Heart circle. This is a much-needed facility in a time where I, as a man, realise it’s on me to create the change I want for myself and my surroundings. And to spread that change to all men around me. A powerful tool to claim back our masculinity.”

“What an amazing day. Very full and heavy heart by the end, in a very good way!”

“Truly powerful and inspirational work behind the guys that brought this beautiful space together. What an Honour it was to be a part of this event !!

An absolute must for Men – Please do more.”

“A great day organised by great people, I went in hungover and came out inspired!”

Look, if you are considering coming to IOM at this point… just do it… you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What to bring:

  • We ask that each man bring a plate or dish of food which will be shared by all the men in attendance for lunch.
  • Plenty of water
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Grab yourself a ticket – and if you want to do something nice for a man, friend or family member, if you want to strengthen a bond you have with the best mate or a brother, bring them along. You’ll both be thankful for it.
  • There will be updates and instructions on the IOM Facebook page ( leading up to the event so make sure you like the page to ensure you are receiving updates.

Looking forward to seeing you at ‘Island of Men – This is Me’

(From IOM

Men’s Gatherings in May

Manshine Men's Gathering ~ 2021 - RegenerateManshine

‘Rehgenerate’ Friday 30th April – Monday 3rd May 2021

When the landscape has been burned and scarred, it may look to be alien, uninviting and desolate.

In the natural world, a charred landscape can enable something fresh, new and energetic to emerge. Order can come from chaos.

Our landscape can regenerate.

How is your landscape doing?

Manshine 2021 has workshops to energise, question and explore – all the tools you need to help seed your own regeneration.

At Mens Wellbeing we pride ourselves on supporting men through whatever they are going through, whether they are flourishing and looking to enrich their lives or they have hit a crisis and are reaching out for help. You will find men from many different backgrounds and experiences all coming together for the long weekend in May to help support one another along the journey.

What can I expect?

There will be a wide range of workshops and activities available, from drumming circles, singing in the morning sun, “chilled” in-depth conversation around campfires to yoga sessions. Personal growth opportunities are around every corner at Manshine!

Some growth experiences or workshops can contain unexpected emotional challenges for men. So that no man gets “left behind”  Manshine offers our oldest and most experienced members as “elders”. These are men ready for any man who needs to talk something through the outside of a workshop or the hustle of the main gathering.

Our promise is a supportive community looking to help all men. Quality friendships are regularly made at Manshine.

Who can come?

Every man is welcome at Manshine. Whether you are old or young, straight or gay, rich or poor. Whatever your culture, whatever your belief system, whatever your politics. If you identify as a man, you are welcome. (from


Everyman Men's Gathering

Everyman Men’s Gatherings 

Twice per year, May and November

April 30th – 2nd May 2020

Friday 27th November – Sunday 29th November?

“Everyman” this successful event is on again at Camp Eureka.

Join us over three days to reconnect with yourself, others and nature.

The intention for Everyman Gatherings is to co-create a space where men, having the desire to share themselves deeply and authentically, can connect, support and challenge one another towards greater self-empowerment, intention, self-awareness and self-responsibility, whilst nurturing deeper respect and connection to nature and each other.

When: Friday 3rd May 6 pm – Sunday 5th May 2 pm, 2020.
Where: Camp Eureka 100 Tarrango Rd Yarra Junction, Vic 3797 Australia

This will be the 4th Everyman Event in the Yarra Valley. Those who’ve attended previous gatherings know what a great opportunity these events are to meet and enjoy the company of other blokes who are up for being real, dropping the bravado and experiencing the gift of each other’s presence.

What you can expect this weekend is plenty of laughs, some great workshops (anyone is free to offer a workshop), music, heart sharing, new perspectives, plenty of time to relax and reflect without the distraction of technology. This is an opportunity to concentrate on yourself, as a man, without fear of judgement.

Everyman is:

  • Drug and alcohol-free
  • Non-religious
  • Welcoming of all:
    • Religions
    • Races
    • Gender identification
    • Culture
  • Open to men 18 + (not suitable for children)
  • Everyman is run under the auspices of Men’s Wellbeing Inc.

The official start time is 6 pm but the camp will be open from 3 pm if you wish to arrive earlier.

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Wise Men Gathering

Wise Men Gathering 

A Call to the men… to gather……to connect and feel one another’s presence.. to be heard and understood as men… to be seen and to see one another’s vulnerability, our strength… to discuss what it is to be an authentic man in today’s world…

Connect and meet together to examine and explore that which is missing in our modern world… our birthright. Few ways are truly open to us as men today, to prove our mettle and to test the limits of masculinity.

The frontiers now lie within ourselves, in our ability and capacity to bravely and honestly explore who we are, without macho ideals, and to discover the man we strive to be. Join us for a weekend of viewing, witnessing, and discussing the archetypes of modern masculinity.

What to Expect

An opportunity for us to sit, as men, and in the company of men, to be seen, heard and felt in an ongoing discussion about what it is to be a man today. This space is ours to create whatever we feel most appropriate, outside of any judgement. An array of skills and teachings will be on offer, from movement practices such as Qi Gong, martial arts and natural movement, to ceremonial and profound healing practices both physical and energetic, to primitive and survival skills such as starting fires and hunting.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for us to sit in a circle, talk, process and, of course, share and express through musical jams and creative expression. We welcome fathers or carers to bring along sons (aged 11 and up) to witness and be a part of this uniquely masculine event.

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Men’s Gatherings in June

Sydney Natkonal Men's Gathering

Sydney National Men’s Gathering

1th – 14th June 2021

‘Lost’ ‘In life’s journey, how do we know if we’re going the right way?’

Even if we keep following all the usual signs will the safe, comfortable, familiar path ever really satisfy us? If we got lost would we find only fear or also help from strangers and our own unexpected inner strengths.

At “Lost” 2021, we will endeavour to get lost together and to find more of ourselves. More Information …

Check-in: from 4 pm to 6 pm on Friday 11th June

Check out: 3 pm Monday 14th June

Venue: Karuna Sanctuary, Saywell Road, Katoomba, NSW 2780

Read More…

Sydney National Men’s Gathering

Men’s Gatherings in July
No Gatherings currently …

Men’s Gatherings in August

Essentially Men

Essentially Men

Get more out of life

Whether your life is working well or you have some things to sort out, you will find that attending an Essentially Men workshop will provide you with powerful resources for your journey of personal discovery and growth.

Renewal, change, understanding…freedom

Thousands of men from all over New Zealand and all walks of life have found this outstanding programme a powerful catalyst for renewal and change.

So will you. You will build trust and feel safe. You will get a deeper understanding of yourself and will leave with the freedom to be the authentic you. These are not just talking workshops – they are potent experiences that will wake you up, give you skills, and change your life.

Men Being Real – Deep healing and inner authority

When men come together in a group with the agreement to take a journey deeper into themselves it becomes safe to let down our guards. We can drop beneath the surface of feelings in a way not normally allowed for men. We can attend to the healing of memories to do with fathers, mothers and others, which affect the way we relate in our present lives. We can understand the roots of anger and depression and connect with our inner authority. (from

Mnhood Men's Gathering 2021

ManHood Men’s Gathering

Roots, Reflections, Ripples

Friday 27th August – Sunday 29th August

Bornhoffen PCYC, 3510 Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd, Numinbah Valley

What is Manhood Men’s Gathering?

Manhood Men’s Gathering is a weekend retreat where men meet to talk, share, laugh, eat and hang out, as well as participating in guided workshops on men’s topics such as relationships, parenting, work and wellbeing.

For over twenty years, Manhood has helped thousands of men discover themselves, celebrate masculinity and build lasting friendships with other good men.

So how does it work?

Manhood men’s gathering is a community and a culture that is open, accepting, warm and non-judgemental. Every man is welcome and can expect to learn and share equally. Come along and share your story and listen to the stories of other men. Deep respect is asked and given.

The gathering is held at beautiful Camp Bornhoffen, Numinbah Valley in the McPherson Ranges of the Gold Coast Hinterland. Enjoy mountain country, fresh air, a mountain stream with a waterfall, fire pits and spectacular views.

We encourage men to bring any musical instruments they play, e.g. didgeridoo, guitar, drums, etc.


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Men’s Gatherings in October

Menergy Men's Gatherings


Menergy is the Victorian arm of a national not-for-profit organisation Men’s Wellbeing that has been providing men’s events and men’s support groups for over 20 years.

Menergy is an all-inclusive 3 day Men’s Gathering wilderness retreat that provides workshops and ritual around celebrating masculinity and helps men discover more of themselves in a nurturing, supported and trusted way. The detailed program we run has been developed for over 15 years and has seen thousands of men grow and learn through this process.

At the heart of a Menergy weekend is the opportunity to attend and partake in many of the myriads of workshops that are focused on Men’s health and wellbeing. These workshops help men to be empowered in their masculinity through vulnerability, support, and a greater understanding of trusting ourselves and our unique gifts as men. (from

Previous Menergy Men’s Gathering Welcome Manuals

Menergy 2015 'Into The Heart' - Welcome Manual
2016 'Finding Your Voice' - Welcome Manual
2017 'Heeding The Call' - Welcome Manual
Menergy 2018 'Journey of the Heart' Welcome Manual

‘Into The Heart’ 2015

‘Finding Your Voice’ 2016 

‘Heeding The Call’ 2017

‘Journey of the Heart’ 2018

BedRock Men's Gathering


Friday 15th – 18th October to Monday

Getting to Bedrock is the metaphor for this gathering. Men getting to a place of solid ground, of deep sharing, broad discussion and living in the community. Some could call it a little bit of dream time, a time of exciting visioning and finding what is real in our lives.

Getting to Bedrock is the metaphor for this gathering. Men getting to a place of solid ground, of deep sharing, broad discussion and living in the community. Some could call it a little bit of dream time, a time of exciting visioning and finding what is real in our lives.

This call to community is made by our Elders who ask you to come to Bedrock to join and be supported by them as we live for a time in communion and brotherhood.

Bedrock is based on the ancient mysteries of circle work, where each man is respected for their truth and each man is supported to stand in the circle to speak from their heart. Now and then we will break out and explore topics that intrigue us in the deeper space of smaller groups.

Conversations go where they need to go. What needs to be discovered and revealed – happens. Because of this organic nature, men attending will need to have experienced men’s work in some form. We do not see Bedrock as suitable for a man’s first dip into men’s work.

(from BedRock )



Man Alive Men's Gathering

Man Alive

MAN ALIVE Men’s Gathering is a weekend away just for men – all Men. Away from work, family and social commitments you can spend your time being instead of doing.

MAN ALIVE open to all Men from any background, religious, political or sexual persuasion. We encourage men to be real with themselves and others in a supportive and non-judgemental environment. ​

You can expect a warm welcome and plentiful conversation and laughter, with many opportunities to get to know yourself and others in a strongly grounded space of respect, growth and trust. ​We run our gatherings based on the concept of Open Space – where you can offer to host a session, ask for a specific session to be run, or participate where you are called to. This gives us the chance to co-create an agenda for the weekend that suits where we are all at. We also have components of ceremony and home groups, which support us to connect as a whole community and make sense of what we are learning together.
MAN ALIVE is all about choice. You choose what you want to do – be it hosting or attending a session, relaxing, taking quiet time for personal reflection or spending time making new friends. It’s totally up to you. (from


Men’s Gatherings in November

Southern Men's Gathering 2020

Southern Men’s Gathering

November 12th – 14th 2021

The Integrated Man’ will explore the challenge and power in men sharing their true selves.

The Opportunity…

​The Southern Men’s Gathering is a Men-only event created to improve the emotional wellbeing of men.

This event will run counter to the often narrow and repressive culture of traditional masculinity, where superficial conversation, competitiveness, disconnection and suppression of emotion tend to rule. Instead, you will connect deeply with other men, form support networks and community, and you will have the opportunity to develop your emotional literacy.

What ‘The Integrated Man’ can offer you is the opportunity – to recharge in nature, to connect with like-minded men, to sit in a space of stillness and safety, and to have some fun.

We invite you to join us in exploring your own unique expression of positive masculinity.

What ‘The Integrated Man’ can offer you is the opportunity – to recharge in nature, to connect with like-minded men, to sit in a space of stillness and safety, and to have some fun.

We invite you to join us in exploring your unique expression of positive masculinity.

​We hope to see you there.

​The Details:

Cost: $360

Includes all sessions, content, events, accommodation and all meals.

$50 discounts are available, for early bird booking.

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See EveryMan Me’s Gathering above …

See Island of Men ~ Melbourne above …


WA Men's Gathering

West Australian Men’s Gathering

Well, it’s certainly been a year to remember.  Or maybe forget?  How fortunate are we in WA;  by good luck and/or good management, we remain free of community spread.  So at this stage, we can confirm that the 2020 WA Men’s Gathering will go ahead on November 13th – 15th.

In short, the Gathering is a live-in weekend, organised by everyday blokes, for men only.  It provides a safe and supportive environment to explore current issues, tell their story, and have some fun together.  It has been held in Perth every year since 1995.

Participants listen to guest speakers, attend experiential Workshops, and share stories in smaller “Affinity” Groups.  It is a rare and valuable opportunity for men of all ages and backgrounds to be themselves, enjoy each other’s company, and celebrate life as well-rounded blokes.

The 2020 Gathering will be held at Jarrahfall Bush Camp on the outskirts of Dwellingup over the weekend November 13-15.  Think masculine: a bush setting, fire pits, smoke, barbeques, “roughing-it” accommodation with bunk-house, swag and camping options, men’s circles, great meals and a no-pressure program, easy on the introspection scale.

The Gathering will officially commence on Saturday morning 14th November and wind up around noon on Sunday 15th.  The Friday 13th night will be optional and self-catered.  And Saturday night will be a concert which we intend will include a major contribution from professional musicians.

The cost to participate this year will be $195

$50 deposit will secure your booking with the balance payable by November 1.

Online registration is available

Further information is available on our Facebook page and website and you can also email us on

The ticket price includes accommodation, all meals, activities and lots of good men to get talking to. Presenters will be announced in due course. We intend to email all participants regarding event times and details and other important information approximately two weeks before the event.


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Men’s Gatherings in December

Gathering Men ~ Summer • 2020

Australian men are in a perilous place.

The hard facts: 6 of 8 suicides. 7 days a week

Our Men need a time out. A moment to catch their breath. They’re calling for a safe space. To let it out. To be open, honest, vulnerable.

A place to rediscover connection, meaning & purpose in their lives. We’re listening carefully. Opening our hearts & minds.
And crafting such a place.

Welcome to a fresh, new approach to Australian Men’s Health & Well Being. Together, we’re creating something rather different.

Join us as we re-imagine healthy masculinity.

Welcome to our place. To your place. A safe trusted space for men to deeply reconnect.

  • To ourselves. Each other.
  • To Country.
  • To First Nations wisdom.
  • To Community.
  • And the people we love most in our lives.


It was early evening. Two men sat quietly around a fire on Jaara – Dja-Dja-Wurrung country. When one asked a simple question of the other. An idea was born.

“..What would it take to get a small group of men together for a deeply connected gathering out here on country?..”

That night we dreamt in a powerful gathering. One that redefined the stereotypes around how men connect. We called in a safe space. A sacred place where men could share openly, deeply. Where each man would be truly seen & clearly heard

A place where time would slow down. Where we would listen to and learn from each other. A place where a man might first imagine then welcome in a more connected version of himself. To be a better man

That Autumn, 15 men answered the call. The first Gathering Men took place in the country at tanderrum. The land was acknowledged and slowly awoken. Our community backed us. With belief, kindness, encouragement & wholesome food cooked with love.

The gentle guiding hand of Gunditjmara – Djabwurrung Elder Uncle Edward Alfred Egan-Lovett helped show us the way
Yet, it was the men themselves that really started something that first Autumn Gathering.


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Island of Men Sydney

Island of Men ~ Sydney

Two per year, April and December

See April details …

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