Yearly Men’s Gatherings

Connect with a Yearly Men’s Gathering in Australia

What is Men’s Work?

Yearly Men's Gatherings and Men’s Work (Where Men take charge of their own lives, through the Role Models & Support of other great Men’) can become a massive part of your life. It will radically change your life, and change the way you relate to and interact with partners, others and particularly other Men.

Unfortunately, there’s more to talking to other Men, rather than saying the obligatory G’day mate, how are you going?’

Most men feel that they can’t talk about anything (apart from Sport), let alone their feelings, to share their journeys with other Men without the fear of judgement or ridicule, most Men stop and go back within themselves for safety on hearing this.

Please have a look at the 'About'' page to see more of the ways that Men's Work will help you.

There are currently 18 Yearly Men’s Gatherings per year in Australia, some are part of Open Common Ground training, plus others that are not part of the Common Ground training. There is one in New Zealand.

A Yearly Men's Gathering is where you can connect with other men, from all backgrounds, religions, political and sexual persuasions. These gatherings offer a safe, non-judgmental, supportive space where men can explore the connections, modalities, challenges and exercises that facilitate real and lasting change.

They all offer high-quality workshops from varied Modalities, and you are free to take part in as many or few as you wish. This is your time, to use as you wish but hey, why not take advantage of the experience?

Yearly Men's Gatherings

During these Gatherings there's ample time to partake in as many workshops, chill with other Men having a Coffee, playing the occasional game of 'footy', or volleyball.

There is also a:-

  • 'Heart Space' or 'Circle', the heart of a Men's Gathering journey. It is an invitation to stand in front of every man at the Gathering, drop your mask and speak your truth as it comes to you at the moment.
  • A Cabaret, where Men are encouraged to tell a joke, read some poetry, sing a song, these can be a solo, or with another new friend! It's a way for each Man to give a little back to the Gathering.

All Yearly Men's Gatherings run based on confidentiality. Confidentiality is what makes us feel safe to be radically honest in our sharing. When we hear another man’s story we’re privileged to have their trust. Other men’s stories are not ours to share. By all means share your own story, but not those of other men.


Yearly Men’s Gatherings in Australia in Monthly Order