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7-Day Somatic Healing & Process Transformational Retreat

7-Day Somatic Healing & Process Transformational Retreat

The 7-Day Somatic Healing & Process Transformational Retreat: Healing Your Hurts, Living Your Essence, Flowing Your Bliss

This is your invitation to spend a week to change your life in the safety of a supportive healing community, connecting with the energies of nature and guided by your own innate healer, the group’s wisdom and the synchronicity of Spirit. You don’t need any prior experience in somatic, energetic or process-based work and this work does not involve the use of substances or plant medicines.

For thousands of years, the medicine men and women of indigenous cultures have understood the physical and spiritual interconnectedness of all things. This retreat follows the somatic and process work perspective on healing. It is about restoring balance, the right relationship with the self and with Spirit and retrieving the aspects of the Self (or Soul) that become fragmented through trauma.

Heal, transform, open, release, let go and connect for more fulfilment, love, inspiration and direction!

The Deep Expansive Healing & Transformation Retreat: Healing Your Hurts, Living Your Essence, Following Your Bliss

This is your invitation to spend a week to change your life in the safety of a supportive healing community, connecting with the energies of nature and guided by your own innate healer, the group’s wisdom and the synchronicity of Spirit.


Saturday 22nd April 1 pm – Friday 28th April 1 pm 2023


Warburton, Yarra Valley, VIC (Details will be sent on booking)

Investment range: $1595 to $2500 (sliding scale based on individual means). Includes accommodation, all meals, materials, facilitation, individual and group processes and healings and accommodation in shared bunk rooms. Camping and offsite accommodation are also possible.

NOTAFLOF * (No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds.)

Please contact us if you are experiencing financial hardship.

To book: https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing/966537

More info: www.innatewisdomconnection.com.au

Our week of powerful, safe, sacred, empowering, life-changing healing and transformation is being offered in Warburton, Victoria.

If you ever wanted to connect and share with like-minded people, feel the ease and power of who you under the layers, be nurtured and nourished or experience genuine transformation, then this is the week for you!

During this retreat, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Heal and transform issues that are affecting you in your life including both physical and emotional *Discover deeper personal expression and authenticity
  • Feel your personal space within the group and yourself and let go of that which doesn’t support your current situation
  • Expand your ability to connect with yourself and others in different ways
  • Be supported and held within the circle in deep unflinching ways that nourish mind, body, emotions and soul
  • Increase self-empowerment by understanding boundaries of where you end and others begin, while stepping into the paradox of one-ness
  • Explore aspects of the sacred masculine and feminine in connection and communication
  • Deepen awareness of your priorities and values and how to stand firmly in them in the world with compassion and personal power
  • Connect with nature in exciting and profound ways
  • Touch upon the wild nature in us all
  • Move forward with understanding and awareness to make positive changes in your life


  • Connection, deep listening and inner awareness
  • Individual and group work
  • Process work
  • Bodywork
  • Shadow work
  • Reflection & Rejuvenation
  • Deep relaxation and time in nature
  • Embodiment and somatic movement
  • Sharing and circle time
  • Connection to self, others and nature
  • The 4 elements and 4 directions
  • Connection with the community of all living beings

To book: https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing/966537

More info: www.innatewisdomconnection.com.au

For questions or to discuss participation: text/call 0407 650 026 or email info@innatewisdomconnection.com.au

Phoenix Arrien is passionate about supporting people’s journeys towards healing and transformation. She has over 25 years of experience, providing sacred transformation and healing spaces for people to transform, heal and self-discover.

Her training and experience include Aus indigenous healing, Native American & Sth American healing, Maori and Cherokee bodywork, dance/movement, Adventure-based Counselling, Process Work, Jungian Psychology, Core Shamanic Healing, Voice Dialogue, Healing Ecology, Deep Ecology, writing and meditation.

She believes that safe space, sacred process, loving community and non-judgemental presence allow healing and transformation to emerge and deep profound change to occur.

Robin Wilkinson has over 20 years of experience working in various healing modalities, including as a relational psychotherapist and bodyworker. He specialises in working with attachment, connection, relationships and trauma integration.
He has spent many years working with men including running men’s groups and holding space for men’s rites-of-passage, has long-standing personal practices in the realms of trance and ritual and is passionate about cultivating collective spaces for growth and transformation. He is also an accomplished writer and poet and has been published widely.

He can be found at www.rightrelationship.com.au


“The work that [you] do is beyond your wildest dreams. A safe place to face that which scares you most and embrace that which empowers you and allows you to reconnect with your best self; one that you may have even forgotten. I feel so blessed that your paths have intertwined and will keep these magical souls in my heart and in my life.” – Anthea Merson

“[You both] created and held a space which allowed me to go where traditional psychotherapy has not allowed me to go. Thank you. I have immense gratitude and respect for the work you both do with both love and compassion that is so evident. I felt safe and was able to openly express my emotions without fear or judgement among my tribe. I’m filled with a deep sense of calm and leave with an open heart and a thirst for gathering in your safe presence again.

I am lost for words to describe any more of what I feel and have felt the past 48 hours so I shall leave it at that and sit with love, connection and warmth that is overflowing. With love and gratitude.” – Angela Scott.

“Your ability to create safe space, and hold it with and for our group was magical. I loved being in the bush environment, connecting so deeply and having the opportunity to explore new paradigms. It was an amazing opportunity to feel and shift some old stuff in such a real and safe way and with such gentle and kind support.

As things are starting to settle and integrate, I’m really starting to notice some things that have changed and improved for me.

Here are a few of them:

I haven’t had a migraine since leaving the retreat!! My longest break in years! Almost a miracle!
Much gratitude to you! I am very happy to recommend you, your retreats and your wonderful transformative work”Denise Belling

“Thank you for providing this healing experience – I feel I have been connected to my inner self and believe now no matter what the circumstances I have the truth and strength to stand tall. I love me and I need to take care of her, we are all connected”Jennie

‘I had little knowledge of what was in store for this retreat, but it exceeded anything I could have expected and needed. A wonderful balance of connecting with nature, connecting to self and most importantly being held so deeply in vulnerability.

Thanks for offering such a powerful space for growth and nurturance.’ Ariana



22 - 28 Mar 2023


13:00 - 16:00

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 21 - 28 Mar 2023
  • Time: 22:00 - 01:00



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Warburton, 3799, Victoria


Innate Wisdom Connection
Innate Wisdom Connection
0407 650 026

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