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Be Alive Workshop - Embracing Your Power, Purpose and Passion

Be Alive Workshop – Embracing Your Power, Purpose and Passion

Do you want to create the life that you desire, wish to be more confident and empowered, and program your mind for success?

Well, It is time to feel more Alive and come to the Be Alive Workshop – Embracing Your Power, Purpose and Passion

Don’t just exist… Be Alive!

Be Alive Workshop - Embracing Your Power, Purpose and Passion

The Be Alive Workshop is for you if you are…

🌟 Wishing to understand your emotions;
🌟 Looking to overcome anxiety, depression or overwhelm;
🌟 Desiring to overcome self-doubt and other emotional blocks;
🌟 Thirsting to feel loved and connected.

Join us to feel more Alive!

Have you read self-help books, watched motivational videos or bared your soul to experts?… but the change was slow or didn’t last?

Would you like quicker and more useful ways to break free from unhealthy behaviours, your mind chatter and feeling stuck?

A BIG problem is, when you were born no one gave you instructions on how to use your mind, brain and body properly, how to read the signals and how to troubleshoot when things go wrong!

Harness your personal power and innate capacity and your life will bloom in ‘magical’ ways. We know, because we’ve done it.

Do you keep:
🙄 Self-sabotaging with limiting beliefs:
🙄 Continuing unhealthy behaviour;
🙄 Repeating toxic relationships;
🙄 Experiencing destructive emotions.

… which results in a lack of vitality, confusion, uncertainty of purpose, lack of motivation, or even poor self-worth.
Somehow though, something is still whispering or screaming inside that you are worth the effort and you know that change could be possible – even for you!! – but you don’t know how.

Join in and find out how to make positive changes that last.

This workshop has No Fluff – Just Real Stuff!

The Be Alive Workshop will provide…

🎯 Insights and understandings to why you do what you do;

🎯 Awareness to understand yourself better;

🎯 Loveable and safe environment in which to learn;

🎯 Important information which you can immediately implement;

🎯 Support, compassion and encouragement from the facilitators and crew.

Amazing Value

❤️ Experiential Learning In A Fun And Safe Environment

❤️ Practical Tips, Tools And Techniques

❤️ Workbook For The Day And As a Resource

🌞✨ Only $55 + Booking Fee ✨🌞

Do You Want To Create The Life You Desire?

🎁 It is possible for you to live a life with fulfilment and growth…

🎁 It is possible to be healthier, happier and more confident…

🎁 It is possible – even if you don’t think so right now…

The Be Alive Workshop is an interactive workshop with very skilled facilitators, Leanne James and Nicholas Dob, who each have their own backgrounds as coach-counsellors and therapists devoted to empowering others.

Individually these two have helped hundreds of clients overcome their personal challenges and move towards being their own best versions of themselves. And now you have the limited opportunity to experience these two inspiring and passionate forces as they present this workshop together.

🌞✨ Only $55 + Booking Fee ✨🌞


Move from

👉 old habits to inspired action,

👉 anxious to confident,

👉 playing small to Being Alive!

Are you ready to do it differently?

NOW is the time! NOW is the chance!


Click Here

Be Alive Workshop - Embracing Your Power, Purpose and Passion

Did we mention there’ll be fun?

… because “If you’re not having fun, you are not fully living”.

Here’s the truth:

✅ Using conscious willpower alone doesn’t work long term.

✅ Everything you need to live the life you want is within you.

✅ Treating yourself with love and respect is paramount to change.

If you want to create the life you desire, if you wish to be empowered, if you wish to be free of the ‘crap’, if you yearn to feel loveable and happy, if you are ready to “Be Alive”….

… we are letting you know IT IS POSSIBLE!
… and the secret ingredient is YOU!!


What you’ll learn:

✳️ Finding Harmony in Your Inside and Outside Life

🗝 Understand the connection between mind, body and emotions and how they influence each other

🗝 Why emotional blocks from the past have a message for us

🗝 Identify three types of consciousness in your mind, body and beyond

✳️ Making Positive Changes Which Last

🗝 Why success lies beyond your comfort zone and the importance of becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable

🗝 Understand the relationship between beliefs, identity and behaviours

🗝 Find out how to change your life by changing your mind the right way

✳️ Why Self-Love is Not Selfish or Self-Centred

🗝 Recognising how to relate positively to the most influential person in your life

🗝 Why experiencing gratitude for what you have now brings you closer to what you desire

🗝 Simple ways to embrace having self-love and self-empowerment to love others more fully.

Save your seat TODAY

Want to find out more? Come along to the 4-hour Be Alive in-person workshop.


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Be Alive Workshop - Embracing Your Power, Purpose and Passion


We are Leanne and Dob,

Join us as we share our learnings and wisdom so you can move away from being ‘unhealthy’ to being ‘healthy’ and enjoying life. 

Leanne is a Results Life Coach, Counsellor and Energy Practitioner and is the founder of Lotus Energies where she is focused on her clients ‘rising up and living a spirit-ed life’.

Nicholas ‘Dob’ is a Trauma Therapist, Resilience Coach, & Menswork Advocate and is the founder of Zest Quest where he is focused on his clients having ‘less stress and more zest’ to gain inner strength and personal freedom.

Whilst operating independently, we share a passion for helping clients to heal from emotional wounding through self-exploration and creating a foundation of empowerment, resilience and joy to live their lives expansively.

We both have extensive education, training, and experience providing the capacity to guide clients to understand themselves and others better and to live life with fulfilment and joy.

Contact us:


Be Alive Always

Be Alive Workshop - Embracing Your Power, Purpose and Passion


05 Aug 2023


13:00 - 17:00

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 04 - 05 Aug 2023
  • Time: 23:00 - 03:00



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