BlokesVenture 3 Day Retreat

BlokesVenture 3 Day Retreat

THE BLOKESVENTURE 3 DAY RETREAT is a Modern-day man’s rite of passage.


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BlokesVenture 3 Day Retreat is the FUEL STATION men come to FILL-UP for everyday life. You In?

Mate, you are always DOING! Work, Life, Health, Relationships, Fatherhood. The weight of responsibilities is a REAL thing AKA The Provider. Do you FEEL HEAVY from the GRIND?

We ALL feel the pressure that being A MAN entails. BlokesVenture is your permission slip to unearth yourself from the hustle, busyness, and day-to-day life to embark on your inner journey.

  • Claim who you REALLY are
  • Let go of the BULLSHIT that is holding you back
  • Create LIFELONG Mateships
  • Rediscover your Purpose and Direction

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Friday, March 22nd, 2024 7:00 AM AEDT

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BlokesVenture 3 Day Retreat Onboarding
BlokesVenture 3 Day Retreat Onboarding

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What benefit do I get from doing this? Not only will you…

  • Have a platform to release old wounds, conditioning, and beliefs that are holding you back from the man you wish to be, you’ll also
  • Learn hands-on, Effective take-home tools and strategies you can apply every day of your life to help you stay calm, grounded & focused
  • Gain an Increased will power, motivation, determination, and self-confidence to speak your truth and claim the life you desire
  • Experience a transformation that people will tell you how much they see the difference in the way you hold yourself and go about life
  • Develop True Mateship; a sense of belonging and acceptance on a level that you may have rarely experienced

BlokesVenture 3 Day Retreat Group
AND ALSO the direct results of- cleaning up & owning your “shit” emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually are going to ripple into your family life, love life, parenting skills & directly amplify your work/career/purpose.

The word Adventure means to try something unusual or daring, BlokesVenture 3 Day Retreat is THAT and you don’t have to do it alone. No need to hide any more. BROTHERHOOD, Supporting, growing, expanding, enjoying, laughing, experiencing life as it was meant to be, around a fire, in nature, side by side.

Your tool belt is going to be armed with take-home techniques and practices on

  1. How to release anger effectively
  2. Manifesting your vision/direction
  3. Realise the power of choice & how to implement it
  4. OWN letting go of fear
  5. Relentless belief in your intentions
  6. Uncover why your why is your why
  7. At least 5 practices of self-regulation of emotions…. and these are only to name a few.
  8. The archetypes of masculinity
  9. Indigenous and ancient culture

The BlokesVenture 3 Day Retreat is Exciting. Adventurous. Challenging. Confronting. Rewarding.
AND EVERY man has said that it has been a pivotal moment in their life where they have never looked back.


22 - 24 Mar 2024


07:00 - 16:00

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 21 - 24 Mar 2024
  • Time: 17:00 - 02:00



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Sunshine Coast, QLD
Sunshine Coast, QLD


Blase Grinner - Men's Coach
Blase Grinner - Men's Coach
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