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Breathwork for the Feminine and Masculine - Masculine and Feminine Polarity

Breathwork for the Feminine and Masculine – Masculine and Feminine Polarity

Bridging the Connection: Breathwork for the Feminine and Masculine – Masculine and Feminine Polarity

In this special event, Men are invited into this Women-only container. This only happens twice a year. This month we come together to celebrate our differences, embrace our collective challenges,  learn how to trust each other again and bridge the divide between men and women.

This Month’s Theme: Masculine and Feminine Polarity

Date: June 21, 2023, | 6:30-9:30 PM CT

Where: Austin, TX

Two ways of joining:

  • In-person
  • Virtual, live-streamed, recorded

About This Event

Join us on this somatic journey into deepening your relationship with the masculine.

These carefully curated events are designed to be a ladies-only experience. An opportunity to come together and release fear, pain, resentment, confusion, and struggle. An opportunity to be led by the masculine in a safe, open, and empowering way.

See more and register here: https://stefanossifandos.com/feminine/

Stefanos holds a safe container and space for women to be themselves, express themselves fully, unload their burdens, and be seen without shame and judgment. The intention of these breathwork containers is to support women and in seeing men differently. To provide a new view of the masculine. To allow the feminine to be wild, free, expressive, sad, angry, and all that in between.

There is no wrong here and “all of you are welcome”. So many women have been hurt in the past by men and by the collective masculine. We are here to take women through an empowering journey and a resurrection of sorts. We heal together by doing the work together. These journey arcs are unique. The experience is more than just a breathwork session, it is a heroine’s journey of self-discovery. But to get to that place of self-validation, greater self-love, and reckoning with the masculine we must safely release the things that are holding us back. Stefanos provides the framework for this phoenix from the ashes to emerge.

June Theme: Masculine and Feminine Polarity

Each month carries a different theme that allows us to connect in profound ways. The theme for the month of June is Masculine and Feminine Polarity. This special event where men are invited to this women-only container only happens twice a year. This month we come together to celebrate our differences, embrace our collective challenges, learn how to trust each other again, and bridge the divide between men and women.

Our immersive is about breaking these paradigms and setting ourselves free. Also note that we follow a familiar structure monthly that is conducive to deeper receiving, connection, and healing. However, the intimacy practices and experiential practices change to align with our themes and the energy of the group. So, it truly is a different and unique experience month to month.

See more and reserve your spot here: https://stefanossifandos.com/feminine/

You, the women in the container also influence the energetics of the container. Know that when you attend this experience you are breaking generational patterns and also healing on behalf of the collective feminine. Yes, we are here to heal masculine wounds, but hundreds of women in an intentional space doing deep deliberate work are also healing that sister and mother wound.

It’s a unique process of self-healing.

The structure of the experience begins with a deep dive into self with live coaching and exploration around romance, dating, relationships, understanding self, and the masculine. We then move into somatic practice. Those who partake in breathwork are seeking to explore a unique process of self-healing to begin to move towards recognizing a deeper state of wholeness.

Breathwork can be an extremely powerful somatic modality for healing and revealing past and current psychological, spiritual, relational, and emotional pain and fear.

You may experience an expansion of awareness through the techniques offered, and be moved towards a higher state of consciousness.

You may shift to another state. If you are experiencing a feeling of being stuck in your life and unable to advance using other means, breathwork may either complement your current practices or accelerate your growth and breakthroughs. Oftentimes, this feeling of awakening can happen through some form of catharsis.

However, any trauma will only come forward during a session if it is necessary for healing; and the peak experience, cathartic release, or trauma release is not the “goal” of the session. Rather, each person’s experience with breathwork is unique, largely self-directed, and unfolds on its own as the practice progresses.

Ultimately, an environment can be created through breathwork to connect you deeply to your body and have the opportunity to feel what’s been unfelt and meet what’s been unmet.


22 Jun 2023


09:30 - 12:30

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 21 Jun 2023
  • Time: 19:30 - 22:30



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Stefanos Sifandos - Relational Alchemist
Stefanos Sifandos - Relational Alchemist

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