Build A Brotherhood - Meet Up

Build A Brotherhood – Meet Up

We welcome all Men to come to join us for our Build a Brotherhood meet up.

In April 2018, I lost my brother Luke to suicide. He was in the military and served in Afghanistan. He never came back the same and battled PTSD.

From this, Leah and I realised the lack of support men have for their mental health. So we decided to Build A Brotherhood, a place where men can come to share their struggles and receive support if that is what is wanted.

In Leah’s last position as a drug and alcohol counsellor with family therapy training, we knew we could make a difference.


A place where we hope to end men suffering in silence.

With the help of Leah, our family therapist and drug/alcohol counsellor, our twice a month support group has been growing each week.

Men come for support, to share their experiences or to listen.

Bring a chair, snacks and a soft drink.

Build A Brotherhood Merchandise is also available on our website.

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