Bundaberg Men's Circle

Bundaberg Men’s Circle

Bundaberg Men’s Circle is an uplifting, non-judgmental place for men to express themselves and create new connections.


Our ancestors used to come together in circles to seek advice, support one another, celebrate wins, and pass on wisdom.

Sadly, with our busy tech-filled world we have lost the true depth of connection, especially Man to Man or Brother to Brother, shoulder to shoulder.

So many Men suffer in silence, and I swear men think there is no way any other man goes through what they do.

That is until they are given a safe non-judgmental space to share and resonate with each other.

Many think “the circle” isn’t for them or is too “hippy or pansie” etc.

Our Men’s Circle is none of these and the men who come and open up are very courageous.

You are never too old, but we do ask young men who are over 14 years old.

The main principle we follow is to honour each other’s privacy and no judgement is allowed.

  • Bring A Chair And A Mate/Son/Brother
  • Drug And Alcohol-Free
  • Every Bloke Welcome
  • Run Each Fortnight


Kepnock Scout Hall, 11 Elliott Heads Road Kepnock QLD 4670


Tuesday 18:00 – 20:30

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