Journey to Manhood September 2022

Journey to Manhood ~ Rites of Passage Program

Families are very busy places these days. There are tremendous benefits in taking time out from the busyness and investing quality, focused time with loved ones, especially for Fathers and their Teenage sons.

This is an experience that focuses on this often challenging time for the entire family, the teenage years of adolescent boys. The entire family, Mums, Dads & the teenager himself are all experiencing this period differently. Here is a way of supporting the change for all in a meaningful, joyous and family-friendly way.

For boys aged 13-16yrs, this period is either fraught with danger or ripe for the harvesting – which will it be for you and your family!

The mothers component of the Journey to Manhood program is critical in the outstanding outcomes achieved. More than lip service to letting their sons grow up, the women are guided on a journey of their own that builds strong bonds and allows the male component of the program to really flourish.

Have a listen to a Mother sharing her experience of Journey to Manhood

JOURNEY TO MANHOOD is a program that dives deeply into the real issues facing families with teenage boys today. Many families have benefited from the powerful experience of father and son spending 5 days in the bush with other men and boys (13-16 yrs). This is precious technology-free time to do something memorable for your family. Mothers are very much a part of this program too, at community departure and welcoming home ceremonies.

It is quite common for boys to attend with step-fathers, uncles, grandfathers or family friends & mentors.

‘The camp helped me to deepen my relationship with my son, explore my own manhood
and bring me closer understanding with my wife. WOW!’ ~ Father

Time in the bush away from the many distractions in life provides an opportunity to look at what’s really important and from this place to deliver an unforgettable experience for all men and boys. Dad often comments on how the program has helped them with issues at work, with their relationship with their wife and also to get clear about some questions they have been struggling with.

Whilst the camp is 5 days, the program includes a parent evening a week or 2 prior to the camp as well as a Sunday afternoon reunion 2 weeks after the camp. This supports all family members to integrate the benefits of the program into their day to day lives. During this 3-4 week period, we use 4 venues and 18 staff to coordinate this once in a lifetime experience. Young men passing through the program can then return on subsequent camps in support of the next group of families (plenty of dads do this too!). Young men stepping into their leadership and service to the community regularly comment how much this experience has given them the confidence and the motivation to walk the pathway to healthy adulthood.

‘What can I say… it was one of the best experiences of my life.’ ~ Father

What this program is:

  • A unique opportunity for each boy to be challenged, honoured and supported to be the best he can be
  • A blessing for all boys to confidently set their sails for the calm and the rough seas that life will present them
  • A line in the sand that clearly denotes childhood and the freedom & responsibilities that come with adulthood
  • Door-openers to all the necessary conversations boys need to have with older men
  • A re-setting of intentions and commitments AND
  • The very necessary reshaping of relationships when moving from parenting a boy, to parenting a young man

What this program is not:

  • This is not just for boys at risk. This is for all boys whether struggling or doing well
  • Tree hugging naked dancing in the bush. Nature is a powerful ally and we keep it clothed and real!
  • Touchy, feely, weird and wafty. It is grounded and powerful, certainly different because it needs to be to effect such change!
  • Churchy or religious-based. There is no religious affiliation or bias. Families from all walks of life are very welcome.

ALL families benefit from this positive, powerful and unique experience. Journey to Manhood creates and acknowledges the boy-to-man shift ‘from dependence into service’ and enables families to build a new foundation for their future. This is a real-life game-changer!

2021 Prices: (Subject to Change for 2022)

Upfront in Full is $2,750 (Price includes GST). As these programs are for all Boys, we can offer Payment Plan Options – Over 4mths or 6mths. Please contact us if you wish to apply for a payment plan. For families wishing to apply for a partial sponsorship position, please contact us also.

Full Price $2,750

Commit 30 days out for $2,500

Commit 60 days out for $2,250

Commit 90 days out for $2,000

Commit 180 days out for $1,750

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To Register for a Journey to Manhood program or further information please, contact Powerhouse


12 - 16 Sep 2022


09:00 - 18:00

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 11 - 16 Sep 2022
  • Time: 19:00 - 04:00



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