Kawana Mens Circle

Kawana Mens Circle

Kawana Mens Circle meeting spot: basketball court, directly in front of the car park – then we will proceed to circle up on the beach in front of the lifeguard tower.

A place where men can come and be authentically themselves. A space where men can share what they are being with, navigating through and of course; a space where we as men acknowledge ourselves and celebrate the wins!

So that we can take that winning vibration with us to start the week and take home to our loved ones

Each man has the opportunity to speak into what he’s navigating through and it’s his choice if he wants feedback or not, sometimes all we need as men, is to get something off our chest and that creates enough space for us to tackle the next obstacle, sometimes we need support.

Support will only be offered from other men, should it be asked for by that man. I/we are not giving unsolicited advice.

We empower each other with the belief that each man’s “answers” are within him.

Feel free to bring togs and a towel as we’ll wrap with a cleansing beach swim

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