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Men of no Ego. An Initiation in to your True Nature as a Creative Being.

Men of no Ego. An Initiation in to your True Nature as a Creative Being.

Men of no Ego. An Initiation in to your True Nature as a Creative Being.  Is a three-day retreat is designed to empower you with the clarity and functional steps to your next level of creative ability and success?

This training is designed specifically with men in mind. Men of no Ego (as a premise of possibility) is a journey into the power and beauty of masculinity.

By default, whether we like it or not, we have an ego identity that is archaically hardwired to focus on fear and survival.

We are driven by our thoughts and feelings about reality and our role in it, and then take them for granted, never questioning the validity of our outdated guidance system, which produces the same thing over and over, just dressed in different clothes! We really do need an updated user manual about how life and creating work, and then read it!

You see, we have forgotten our original nature. And seldom, if ever, do we identify ourselves as divine creators. What nonsense we tell ourselves through our thoughts and feelings, our definitions and limited perceptions about life and our place in it!

Little wonder that we would blame ourselves others and the world for our frustrations in life.

Even though society may not have served us very well with an education of our true nature or a functional initiation into our responsibility as creative beings. Where we are today is because of our human behaviour and how we respond to this truth is the beginning of functional change and the realisation that there might be another way than that of the collective agreement about ‘how it is”.

Note: There will only be eight places available for this retreat.

This is not a quick fix pill or instant download, but a journey to discover your true self, which to me is the meaning of being indigenous, and having the ability to be present to the magic and opportunity of life and sense the world from wholeness. To then enable your successful life and create a rich and fulfilling experience for yourself and others. You can make dreams into reality, by liberating yourself from the demands of your thoughts and feelings to “Fix” yourself first as a priority to going for what you would love. You can become available to the creative spirit as your unique, updated, super-conscious guidance system. Your True Nature!

This is what you will get for your investment in yourself:

Connection with your creative power and the capacity to direct what you desire.

The clarity to see what is truly going on for you and give you real choice in your life.

Understand how your consciousness works and how it creates naturally.

Realise that you do not have to fix yourself or resolve anything before you go for what you would love.

Learn to go beyond your past experience and what your five senses tell you and access your genius.

Expand your possibilities into the inspired perspective of the foundation of your creative mastery.

Be nourished with three days in nature surrounded by men with your interest at heart.

Get to the heart of the matter, of what really matters.

This is not child’s play:

Indigenous initiation was devised to simplify this transformation from the infantile identity to the fully grown mature human who is one with all existence.

This work is based on leading-edge quantum physics and shamanic origins. It is an ancient and new science.

This retreat/training is designed specifically to be experiential and to connect you to your true nature as a creative being. It will show you how to make a shift without a well-worn path to follow by understanding that creating is structural and that structure dictates behaviour and outcomes.

Robert Bly, in his book Iron John, a brilliant study and commentary on manhood, the author identifies and explains the three universal themes in male initiation. The Being Within. That everything is conscious and connected and The Wound.

Through our wounding, we inevitably become disengaged and separated from our essential nature and as a consequence disconnected from our natural gifts, talents and abilities.

But, it doesn’t really matter that we have not been adequately served by society with a true education of our creative nature or that we did not have a functional initiation into this universal truth.

What matters is that we can fulfil that function ourselves the nature of consciousness and begin to act in favour of our higher consciousness.

This is your space for Self Initiation. Please Reserve it!


09 - 11 Dec 2022


09:30 - 15:30

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 08 - 10 Dec 2022
  • Time: 17:30 - 23:30



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