Men with Spirit

Men with Spirit Men’s Group

A different style of mens’ group … Men helping men thrive. Men with Spirit is a weekly group for men who are looking for deeper meaning in their lives.

We help men get out of their heads and into their hearts. We help men connect to their feelings and learn how to express themselves honestly and openly.

We are guided by a set of personal and non-religious spiritual values that promote equality, honesty and expression without judgement.

These small group gatherings are aimed at men of any age who are looking to better understand who they really are and, in the process, to be exposed to experiences and knowledge that can foster further clarity, growth, contentment and love in their lives … in a confidential, non-judgmental and safe environment.

Our first Men with Spirit group is up and running in the southern Melbourne bayside suburb of Frankston.

Places are limited … but there may be space for another one or two people to join, from time to time.

There is no charge for the first meeting. The contribution for subsequent meetings is $20.

To learn more, or to book your place, please contact either of us, now:

Peter Anthony – 0419 440 665
Steve Angel – 0418 143 969

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