Mens Circle: Perth's Southern Suburbs

Mens Circle: Perth’s Southern Suburbs

For All Of The Men Out There Needing A Space To Be Heard, we’ve got you!

Come and join us at the Mens Circle: Perth’s Southern Suburbs.

What a beautiful and successful 2023 we had as our first year holding circles, hikes and much more for men across the community.

We’ve seen over 100 men step into the circle letting go of heavy burdens and celebrating themselves, all whilst creating a solid community of humble men who know that it’s great to feel and better yet to feel safe in doing so.

Massive respect for every man out there connecting to these spaces. Every time we step in, we permit those around us to do the same.


The next Harrisdale Men’s Circle will be on Tuesday, February 6th, at Bakers House in Harrisdale.

The circle itself is very simple.

We show up, have the opportunity to share (no obligations though) and listen, and we revel and celebrate in showing up and letting go however that may look like.

The space itself is safe for all men.

Nothing will be shared outside of the space and we intend to leave all of what we share in the circle at the circle so that we can go home to our families, friends and lives that little bit lighter.

If you are interested in taking part and want to know a little more please feel free to DM me for more information or perhaps just a chat to see if it’s right for you.

The cost for the session will be $20 with all proceeds going to cover the cost of the venue and go towards helping people within the community.

We also have a PAY IT FORWARD incentive so if anyone is struggling financially and can’t make it, this can help cover the cost of their attendance (This will be 100% anonymous).

Big Love to you all and have a fantastic year ahead


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