Ringwood North - Open Men's Group

Ringwood North – Open Men’s Group

Our regular face-to-face Ringwood North – Open Men’s Group meeting will be held in Melbourne’s east at North Ringwood Community House and hosted and facilitated by experienced members of Mens Wellbeing Inc.

During 2024, this Ringwood North group will be held on the first Tuesday of each month and is open to all Men who feel the need to connect with our community of Men, especially those who may be experiencing isolation due to their circumstances.

No prior sign-up or ongoing commitment is required. No prior experience of men’s groups is required.

Why should you come to one of our Open Men’s Groups?

It’s a place where you can come and share what’s going on for you in confidence, where you can be heard and not judged.
Just by being there, listening and witnessing what’s going on for another man, you’re helping him heal and grow.

Being part of a group with other like-minded men can help us feel good about ourselves and others.
If you’re already involved in a group, this is a great gift to give another man, bring a mate into our groups and have him experience the support and compassion that other men can offer.

Plan to arrive early to settle in and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee before our 7:00 pm (sharp) start.

You will be unable to join after the group has started to ensure confidentiality, so please be punctual.

Participation in the group is free (but not free for us to host).

Men’s Wellbeing is a not-for-profit volunteer-run organisation.

To support these meetings and help them continue, donations are very much appreciated.

Facilitators are not paid.

Donations go to covering costs.

Donations to Mens Wellbeing are tax deductible can be made by visiting the Mens Wellbeing website.

An important note about car parking:

There is plenty of off-street parking provided at the venue.

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