Transforming Relationship Patterns

Transforming Relationship Patterns

Have you noticed that certain patterns repeat themselves in your relationships?

Transforming Relationship Patterns

For example, perhaps, in the beginning, romance, excitement and fulfilment are centre stage. Anything that the other does or says is charming, cute or sexy, and the sex is frequent, passionate and intense.  Then a point comes, it may be a week or a year when suddenly it seems as if everything has gone wrong. There is more fighting than sex.  The things that used to be adorable are frustrating.  As much as you love your partner, you just can’t get along.  Maybe you slog it out for a while, holding out hope of a return to the Eden of the early phase. Or maybe you rip the band-aid off and move on, as painful as it is for both of you, rationalising that the next relationship will be a better fit, or you’ll find ‘the One.

The deeper knowing is that *every* relationship will go through some variation of this type of pattern. So what can be done?

The first step is to bring clarity to what exactly our patterns are. Noticing whether they shift over time, or are similar from relationship to relationship. Are they recurring? Are you consistently drawn to one or two ‘personality types’? Does your relationship narrative run in a particular sequence of events like the example above?

With this level of understanding, we’ll then begin to look at the root of these patterns – which lies in our early developmental years.

By intellectually and experientially understanding how our upbringing and childhood experiences continue to play themselves out again and again throughout life, especially in intimate relationships, we can begin to transform the way that we engage in a relationship.

As we do the inner work to uncover and transform these early experiences, inner support is developed for relationships that can be authentically loving & connected, while also being boundaried and autonomous, resulting in real, sustainable connection and depth.

Whether you are currently in a relationship, single or any other relationship structure, join us to learn tools and techniques on offer that can help you uncover your patterns, bring healing where needed and to ultimately transform how you engage in all of your relationships.

This 3-hour workshop will:

  • Bring awareness to your relationship patterns
  • Connect these patterns to your personal history & any emotional wounds still carried


  • Offer to heal for old emotional wounds
  • Journey through the different phases of the relationship
  • Transform old ways of relating
  • Make all of your relationships more conscious
  • Equip you with strategies for when patterns & triggers arise


  • Show how triggers are gifts from others to be embraced
  • Free your relationships from the projection
  • Empower you and your relationships to be more authentic

*Disclaimer: This workshop is not a substitute for personal therapy*

Value: $75 per individual or $125 per couple

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15 Jun 2021


18:30 - 21:30

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 15 Jun 2021
  • Time: 04:30 - 07:30



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Amitayus Syzygy @Being Human Project
Amitayus Syzygy @Being Human Project

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