UNITY: Breakthrough Experience For MEN & WOMEN

UNITY: Breakthrough Experience For MEN & WOMEN

UNITY: Breakthrough Experience For MEN & WOMEN is a 10-hour breakthrough experience for men and women who want to embark on a journey of empowerment and growth.

The goal of this 1-day event is to give you the ingredients required to create the relationship with yourself & others that you desire… relationships that truly fulfil you and the people around you.

This experience has specifically been put together to create change within your current situation, to find love for yourself and others and the ability to create longer-lasting relationships.

Throughout the day you will be stepping out of your comfort zone, breaking through limitations and embodying a new way of being.

We’ll show you how to find a deeper connection with self, which then ripples into all other elements of your life including your health, wealth, happiness, career, social life & relationships.

Here’s the Agenda for the day

7:00 AM — The day starts off at Mullaloo Grassed Area opposite Dome with a guided meditation to clear your mind and set your intention for the day, followed by an ocean swim to ground your energy and bring you back to the centre.⠀

9:30 AM — Onto the EQ Wellness Centre to be Inspired and motivated with a new perspective about your life from our guest speaker Debbie Rivers and ground-breaking life coaches Dan Hancox, David Rowe & Brett Schreuders.⠀

10:00 AM — A talk on emotional intelligence & how to have positive communication using our passion & love strategy. This process will enable you to recognise and connect to the different emotions within yourself and others. Which in turn will help you to create stronger connections with all relationships including the one with the person in the mirror.⠀

10:30 AM — Debbie Rivers Relationship & connection expert: will be delivering a talk on what makes a fulfilling relationship and how to create one. What do Men and Women actually want?⠀

11:30 PM — Time to re-evaluate and break down the relationship you have with yourself piece by piece. To understand the real meaning of Self Love and gratitude for you. Learn how to apply it to your life. Learn the importance of self-love, self-discipline, and self-awareness, which are critical for ultimate happiness. Using these techniques will deepen the connection with you, which then ripples into all other relationships in your life.⠀

12:00 PM — Opening & connecting the heart with Cacao & “Deep-Connected Exercise” – enjoy the benefit of Cacao and its heart-opening properties during this experience. This will enable you to create a deeper connection with yourself and others.⠀

12:45 PM — Light Lunch⠀

1.15 PM — Talk about the 5 love languages and how to apply them. Understand the secrets to creating long-lasting relationships. This is significantly beneficial for existing relationships or even if you’re looking for love.⠀

1.45 PM Learn the discipline of our very own “Authentic Connected breath-work” technique. Experience the power of letting go of old beliefs and ways of being, truly allowing yourself to connect to your inner courage, compassion and creativity.⠀

The bliss states reached with breath-work combined with a deep hypnotic meditation allows the subconscious to integrate the changes you want to make in your life, whilst making space in the mind for a newfound way of being…⠀

This experience guides you to bring love and gratitude into your reality for yourself and others.⠀

3.15 PM — Physical priming experience, tapping into your inner power and awakening your inner energy to pave the way and embody a more successful & fulfilled way of being.⠀

3.45 PM — Experience the healing power of “Ice immersion!” Understand that no problem is permanent, the obstacles that we create in our minds are much bigger than they are in reality.

Understand the real meaning behind FEAR and how to overcome it whilst igniting a power within!!⠀

Breaking through old preconceived relationship ideas and beliefs and embody the new version of you!⠀

Understand the real meaning behind FEAR and how to overcome it whilst igniting a power within!!
Breaking through old preconceived relationship ideas and beliefs and embody the new version of you!

PLUS: Special Guest Speaker, Debbie Rivers — Relationship & Connection Expert

Debbie has been a Relationship Expert for over a decade and is consumed with empowering people to be successful in love.

She is obsessed with having bigger conversations about love, dating and relationships — the conversations that change lives.

She has been where you are and not just in a vague, “Oh I get it,” way. But she has seriously been where you are. Debbie’s motto is that it is never too late to have the life you have imagined.

This event is NOT for you if:

– You are not open-minded and willing to learn.
– Don’t want to have long-lasting relationships.
– You are comfortable with stagnant relationships in your life.

*This event has been structured for everyone*
For Men & Women in a relationship or single.

Early Bird tickets are just $165 and are available until May 26th!

Hit the link below to grab yours now:

Standard tickets are just $197.

Strictly limited to 30 participants. Get your ticket now, while you can

* Please note* Agenda times are only approximate and are to be used as a guide only.

Please meet us at 7 am at Mullaloo Beach Grass Area. The followed by The EQ Wellness Centre in Wangara.
Very Important / Things to bring with you:

Yoga matt/swimwear & towels x 2 / journal/water bottle / a light lunch (Salad, fruit, small pasta etc, nothing too heavy)

(Fridges are available to store food and small snacks are included.)


27 Aug 2022


09:00 - 19:00

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 26 - 27 Aug 2022
  • Time: 21:00 - 07:00



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EQ Wellness Centre
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