Welcoming The Darkness

Welcoming The Darkness

An archetypal journey for MEN to delve into the depths of your internal world, to sift through the shadows, move beyond distortion and denial, and retrieve the infinite power of your Divine Darkness.

♥ Our world today has demonised the innate dark power that resides at our core and at the core of life itself, relegating it to the shadows, forcing our gaze upwards, fixed towards the light, denying the existence of our full spectrum humanity.
♥ Our ascension based spiritual traditions have favoured the heavenward path and forgotten our basic primordial origins.
The pursuit of scientific knowledge has valued intellect over intuition, reason over instinct, separating us from our own body’s wisdom and our innate animal nature.
♥ Our desire to be a NICE guy! To be inclusive, conscious and PC has left us castrated, too afraid to step on toes, stand up for truth and roar a resounding NO to the bullshit we see in the world around us, both our own and others

The consequences of such separation, denial and suppression are that we become blind, powerless and impotent. Our darkness operates covertly, under the radar as manipulation and coercion to get what we want, hidden behind a veil of “nice guy”. Or it operates overtly as oppression and abuse, ignorant to the devastation falling in our wake.

Thus we have the state of our world – war, famine, rape, child abuse, addiction, oppression, fundamentalism, obesity, mental health epidemic, mass extinction, etc. etc.

But all is not lost…

When we are ready to meet, own and welcome our Divine Darkness we gain access to an infinite power source, fed directly from the well of molten love at the core of our earth mother. With pure and unbridled clarity that pulsates through our being and can cut through anything that isn’t the truth. And that emboldens us to be able to make a stand for life, love and innocence, for ourselves, our loved ones and our world. AND it’s sexy as all hell!

In this 8 weeks archetypal journey, we will dive deep into our multifaceted self, to reclaim the power that has been denied us.

With weekly 2-hour video calls, we will use a combination of educational transmissions, ritual, group process, sharing and self-reflection exercises between sessions.

There will be a community Facebook group for all participants to connect and journey together, share experiences and challenges, and receive ongoing support, suggestions and additional videos throughout the program.

We begin on Monday 12th April which is the dark moon, the perfect time to descend into the primordial soup.

Who is this for?

For all men who:

  • are tired of being “Mr nice guy”
  • are ready to reclaim their power
  • want to inject more potency into their love life
  • wish to integrate the unowned aspects of themselves
  • are keen to explore their full spectrum of humanity
  • are ready to reconnect with their primal, wild and erotic selves
  • want to deepen their connection to their body
  • are ready to tap the infinite resource of molten love


Full payment $797

Or payment plan of 3 fortnightly payments of $280

Use the coupon code of DARKLOVER2021 for 20% off for the first 3 men (full payment only)

To register follow the link below to complete the intake form and make your commitment


31 May 2021


19:00 - 21:00

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 31 May 2021
  • Time: 05:00 - 07:00



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Nic Tovey
Nic Tovey

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