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Welcome to the shop of Cecil’s Men’s Hub.

At this time, my shop contains two versions of my Comprehensive Monthly Men’s Work Event Newsletter.

What Does The Comprehensive Monthly Event Newsletter Contain?

Each comprehensive Monthly Men’s Work Event Newsletter contains events that support Men and Men’s Health. The events are checked to ensure that they are suitable to be promoted and included within the comprehensive monthly newsletter.

  • Special Annual Events
  • Month Specific Events
  • Regular Content
  • 24 Regular Physical Men’s Groups Physical events throughout Australia & The World.
  • 14 Regular Men’s Groups Online events throughout Australia & The World.
  • Yearly Men’s Gatherings
  • Men’s Coaches/Mentor Articles
  • Guest Articles

Helping to pay it forward

A monetary amount of 10% from all monthly downloads will be donated to an Organisation on the list below. This supports the growth and development of Men’s Health. This will change on monthly basis. Every Man that downloads and supports my purpose and will be supporting Men’s Health.

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