Workshop/Modality (WSM)

Below are just a few areas that have been used at various Men’s Gatherings Workshops.

Workshop/Modality (WSM) Categories

  • Speech/Vocal/Communication
  • Healing Body/Mind Spirit,
  • Sexuality
  • Movement/Dance
  • Martial Arts/Philosophy
  • Music
  • Connection
  • Depression Anxiety Relationships
  • Financial/Abundance
  • Emotional
  • Leadership
  • Counselling and Relational Health
  • Trauma, Semantic Work (Embodiment)
  • Family (Couples, Individual, Kids)
  • Relational Health

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Workshop/Modality (WSM)

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Workshop/Modality Directory in Australia ~ Expression of Interest

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For Men to find a Workshop/Modality similar to the opportunities that are offered through Workshops at Men’s Gatherings’. These provide Men with an opportunity to become the best version of themselves, in whatever area of their lives that they need.

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