What is a Mens Gathering?

A Men’s Gathering is a weekend away just for men. Away from work, family and social commitments, you can spend your time being instead of doing.

Our Men’s Gatherings are open to all men from any background, religious, political or sexual persuasion.

We encourage men to feel free and be real with themselves and others in a supportive environment. You can expect a warm welcome and plentiful conversation and laughter, with many opportunities to get to know yourself and others in a strongly grounded space of respect, growth and trust. Lively activities, workshops, and healthy food throughout the day are all part of the experience.

Relax, go bush walking or canoeing. Our gatherings are all about choice. You choose what you want to do – be it a workshop, relaxing, taking quiet time for personal reflection or spending time making new friends. It’s totally up to you.

Men’s Gathering here is mainly an Open Ground Men’s Gathering from Men’s Wellbeing (MWB), although there are few Men’s Gatherings that the facilitation methods are not from MWB.

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